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First revolutionary attempt to simplify SERVICE TAX

Service Tax Decoded

by CA Samiksha Jain
Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
Making the complicated simple, Awesomely Simple, that’s CREATIVITY. Charles Mingus
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Features of the book

Who said studying cannot be fun? Visualise, exaggerate and remember everything you study! Quit studying the traditional way and surprise yourself with your own potential! Be Different. Stand Out.

Here are some facts about the book

1st edition
100 pages
2.5 hour read
2025 copies download


Memory techniques to retain the following areas of Service Tax


Chapter 1

Section 66D - Negative List


Chapter 2

Point of Taxation Rules, 2011


Chapter 3

Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012


Chapter 4



Chapter 5

Services covered under the Reverse Charge Mechanism


Chapter 6

Section 66E – Declared Services


Chapter 7

Section 65B(44) – Definition of Service


Chapter 8

Notification 25/2012 as amended – Mega Exemption Notification


Chapter 9

Sections 76, 77, 78 and 78A – Penalties


Chapter 10

Composition Schemes

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Useful for

‘Service Tax Decoded’ is useful for Students, Professionals & Industry

‘Service Tax Decoded’ is useful for students of professional courses such as CA and CS, students pursuing Commerce and professionals practising or advising Service Tax in order to achieve a grip over the major areas of Service Tax. It is also beneficial to anyone and everyone taking a refresher course at learning Service Tax.

The book contains memory tricks and techniques that ensure that the reader remembers the provisions along with the relevant Entry numbers/Section numbers as they feature in the bare provisions.

The book provides a bird’s eye view of major provisions and serves as an excellent last-minute revision material for students.

Example: The Negative List can be memorised by students, not only for the services contained in the negative list, but in the same order as the services appear in the Negative List, with the corresponding serial number. This not only impresses the examiner, but also reflects the reader’s grip on the subject.
After having memorised the provisions with the aid of this book, students are advised to familiarise themselves with their detailed implications.

Frequently asked questions

As a student will this content be enough for my examination?

The book is a compilation of memory tricks to recall core provisions in the major areas of Service Tax. The focus of the book is not to familiarize students with minute implications. The book ensures that whatever the student has already studied is retained in exams.

Students are advised to use the book as a supplementary material and for last minute revision.

Does the book contain amendments relevant for May 2016 and November 2016 attempts of CA IPCC and CA Final Examination?

Yes, the book contains relevant provisions as amended by Budget 2015.

Is it important for me to remember the provisions with their corresponding sub-section/ Rule number references?

Students are generally not expected to reproduce the relevant citation in the examinations. However, the book is designed to ensure that citations form an integral part of the memorizing process.

Quoting citations impresses the examiner, distinguishes the student’s answer paper, and significantly reduces the revision duration.

For professionals, quoting the Section/ Rule reference is reflective of the grip on the subject. It goes a long way in creating a lasting impression.

About the author


CA Samiksha Jain has had an excellent academic record right from school days. She has been a rank holder in all the three levels of exams conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (‘ICAI’) and attributes her success to the use of memory tricks while preparing for the examinations.

She also has a unique distinction of scoring 100 marks in two subjects - Accountancy and Costing, in IPCC examination.

She has been felicitated by ICAI for the best paper in Corporate and Allied Laws (Paper – 4) of the CA Final Examination held in May, 2015, having secured the highest marks in the subject. With about 3 years of experience in the area of Service Tax she is now a Partner and in charge of Service Tax at R. C. Jain & Associates.


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